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Release History

Version Date Description
snapshot in CVS
0.6.1 18-Jun-2007
0.6.0 29-May-2007
0.5.2 28-Mar-2006
0.5.1 19-Oct-2005
0.5.0 27-Sep-2005
0.3.2 10-May-2005
0.3.1 18-Apr-2005
0.3.0 02-Feb-2005
0.2.0 11-Jan-2005
0.2rc2 26-Nov-2004

Release snapshot - in CVS

Type Changes By
fix WsmlDateTime now supports milliseconds Fixes 1723466 . lcekov

Release 0.6.1 - 18-Jun-2007

Type Changes By
fix Bugfix in the SAWSDL extension - annotation propagation is now supported (bugfix provided by Jacek Kopecky)
fix Bugfix in the WSML serializer alex_simov

Release 0.6.0 - 29-May-2007

Type Changes By
add Maven 2 repository for wsmo4j lcekov
add sBPEL extension for adding semantic annotations to BPEL models. mihail-ik
add SAWSDL extension for adding semantic annotations to WSDL documents according to the SAWSDL specification. alex_simov
update Migration to Java 5 morcen
fix XML parser behaves like the WSML parser, when processing nfp values vassil_momtchev
fix XML parser processed datatypes like concept identifiers vassil_momtchev
fix The WSML serializer did not process full IRIs equal to a namespace in a correct way vassil_momtchev
fix Mediator support added in xml parser. vassil_momtchev
fix All mediators reference souce/target/mediation service by IRI now. vassil_momtchev

Release 0.5.2 - 28-Mar-2006

Type Changes By
add Validator checks for incorrect usage of anonymous identifiers, that could not be persisted in WSML. nathaliest
fix MoleculeImpl and all subclasses generated an incorrect hashCode value vassil_momtchev
fix WSMLSerializer do not use anymore the WSML construction "minterfaces = 'interface' '{' id moreids* '}'". The complete interface information is used instead of the IRI reference. vassil_momtchev
fix The wsml datatype constructors _iri() and _sqname(,) are now supported. vassil_momtchev
fix Attribute setInverseOf(Attribute) changed to setInverseOf(Identifier). InvserOf is no longer symmetric attribute feature. vassil_momtchev
fix Metamodeling of TopEntity objects is no longer allowed. vassil_momtchev
fix Attributes are identified by Identifier instead of IRI. vassil_momtchev
fix Concept attribute are strictly local to the scope of a concept. WsmoFactory.getAttribute(Identifier) method dropped. vassil_momtchev
fix Instance usex reference to Identifier instead of Attribute to specify attribute values. vassil_momtchev
fix The Factory now uses the context classloader. Fixes 1314733 . haselwanter
fix If multiple TopEntity objects serialized the WSML line was written multiple times. It's no more allowed to serialize multiple TopEntity objects with different wsml type. vassil_momtchev
fix SQName were not escaped during serialization Fixes 1410020 . vassil_momtchev
fix Xml parser did not parsed DataValues correctly Fixes 1401579 . vassil_momtchev
fix Xml serializer generated runtime error when saving instance values Fixes 1401577 . vassil_momtchev
fix Inconsistence in Factory constant removed. Fixes 1400375 . marin_dimitrov
fix Removed all invocations of wsmo4j constructor from OWL parser (all objects are now created through factory) vassil_momtchev
fix ParserImpl ignored the WsmoFactory and DataFactory values from the Map in the constructor (now fixed) Fixes 1379578 . vassil_momtchev
fix Fix in the serialization of IRIs that contain keywords holgerlausen
add framework to wsmo4j. damyan_rm
add List of reserved words (according to the specific syntax) can now be obtained from the Parser. vassil_momtchev
fix Multiple sources in OOMediator are added properly during parsing (they were ignored) vassil_momtchev
fix MediationService is set properly to all mediators during parsing (it was ignored) vassil_momtchev
fix Capability during parsing is assigned to all ServiceDescription objects (it wasn't added to a WebService). vassil_momtchev
fix Only ooMediators can now have more than one source component (exception will be thrown in other cases). Fixes 1346846 . vassil_momtchev
fix Fix in the WSML parser (that caused pushback buffer overflow errors). vassil_momtchev

Release 0.5.1 - 19-Oct-2005

Type Changes By
update for details
fix Added IRI::getNamespace(). Fixes 1325635 . vassil_momtchev
fix Fix in the WSML validator (WSML Flight safety condition). Fixes 1314735 . nathaliest
fix Fix in the WSML validator (Rules). Fixes 1315739 . nathaliest

Release 0.5.0 - 27-Sep-2005

Type Changes By
fix Lots of bugfixes (and new bugs introduced :)
update The distribution is separated into two JAR files - one for the API interfaces (wsmo-api-x.y.z.jar) and one for the reference implementation (wsmo4j-x.y.z.jar).
update Major refactoring of the API.
add Support for the XML syntax of WSML.
add Support for WSML logical expressions in the API.
update Major refactoring of the API.
update Support for WSMO 1.2 and WSML 0.2.

Release 0.3.2 - 10-May-2005

Type Changes By
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding IDs. Fixes 1198974 . damyan_rm
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding attribute values. Fixes 1180670 . damyan_rm

Release 0.3.1 - 18-Apr-2005

Type Changes By
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding attribute values. Fixes 1180672 . damyan_rm
fix Fixed bug related to URI handling in NFPs. Fixes 1179085 . alex_simov
fix Fixed bug in the default DataStore implementation. Fixes 1178489 . alex_simov
fix Fixed ClassCastException when reading mediators. Fixes 1163024 . morcen
fix Clearing the range of a function is now possible. Fixes 1162998 . morcen
fix Fix related to goal parsing. Fixes 1154994 . morcen
fix Fix related to URI parsing. Fixes 1154299 . morcen
fix Fix related to imported ontologies serialisation. Fixes 1154273 . morcen
fix Fix related to Mediator serialisation. Fixes 1154263 . morcen
fix Fix related to OOMediator serialisation. Fixes 1154190 . morcen
fix Fix in the WSML parser (improper reuse of Factory when loading more than one file) . Fixes 1151061 . morcen
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding RelationInstance IDs. Fixes 1150986 . morcen
fix Proper indentation added to the outpur of the WSML serialiser. Fixes 1144912 . morcen
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding Functions. Fixes 1119971 . morcen
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding instance serialisation. Fixes 1118721 . damyan_rm
fix Fix in the WSML parser regarding RelationInstances. Fixes 1119952 . morcen
fix Fixes in the WSML Parser. damyan_rm

Release 0.3.0 - 02-Feb-2005

Type Changes By
update API: Instance::get/setMemberOf deprecated (use Instance::get/setConcept instead) and RelationInstance::get/setInstanceOf deprecated (use RelationInstance::get/setRelation instead). alex_simov
fix Factory uses the context class loader. Fixes 1105846 . haselwanter
fix Fix in the WSML Parser. Fixes 1100283 . damyan_rm
fix Fix in the WSML Parser. Fixes 1100280 . damyan_rm

Release 0.2.0 - 11-Jan-2005

Type Changes By
update API: WSMOFactory::createValue() and Instance and RelationInstance changed to reflect the new interfaces AttributeValue and ParameterValue instead of Value; marin_dimitrov
update API: Parameter::getDomain/setDomain renamed to get/setRange (WSMO spec update). Added a new method getDomain, returning the relation that defines the parameter marin_dimitrov
update API: package restructured (3 new sub-packages added: parser, datastore, locator) marin_dimitrov
fix Fix in the WSML Parser (attribute parsing). Fixes 1100073 . damyan_rm
fix Fix in the default namespace handling. Fixes 1095639 . alex_simov
fix Fix in the WSML Parser (Literals and Anonymous IDs). holger
fix Fix in the WSML Parser. Fixes 1084471 . damyan_rm
fix Fix in the WSML Parser. Fixes 1076904 . damyan_rm
fix The default WSMOFactory implementation is not instantiated at startup but only on-demand. Fixes 1075250 . marin_dimitrov
fix API: DC_IDENTIFIER and DC_SOURCE added to NFP (were missing). Fixes 1075210 . marin_dimitrov
fix Fixes in the WSML Parser damyan_rm
add API: Added AttributeValue and ParameterValue interfaces marin_dimitrov
add API: Added getDomain() to org.omwg.Attribute interface marin_dimitrov
add API: Added findIndentifiable() to org.omwg.Ontology interface marin_dimitrov

Release 0.2rc2 - 26-Nov-2004

Type Changes By
update Documentation: Updated Programmer's Guide (chapters 2 and 4) marin_dimitrov
update API: org.wsmo.common.Factory::getFactory renamed to getWSMOFactory marin_dimitrov
fix Patial fix - more exceptions should be thrown. Fixes 1073237 . marin_dimitrov
fix Partial fix - checked exceptions are declared in the interface signature but not thrown by the implementing class yet. Fixes 1073181 . marin_dimitrov
fix bugfix. Fixes 1066706 . marin_dimitrov
fix API: Identifiable now extends Entity. Fixes 1072493 . marin_dimitrov
add Export to WSML implemented ( damyan_rm
add API: LEFactories can be created from the meta-factory (Factory::getLEFactory()) marin_dimitrov
add API: ParserFactory added to marin_dimitrov
add The WSMOFactory now keeps weak references to the objects created by it, so that calls to createXXX() with the same ID will return a reference to the same object damyan_rm