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Packages that use ChoreographyTransitionRule

Uses of ChoreographyTransitionRule in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.rule

Classes in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.rule that implement ChoreographyTransitionRule
 class AbstractQuantifiedRuleRI
          Provides common implementation methods for the quantified rules (Forall and Choose).
 class AbstractTransitionRuleRI
          Implements common functionality for a Transition Rule.
 class ChooseRI
          Reference Implementation for the Choose rule.
 class ForAllRI
          Reference Implementation for the ForAll rule.
 class IfThenRI
          Reference Implementation for the IfThen rule.

Uses of ChoreographyTransitionRule in org.wsmo.service.choreography.rule

Subinterfaces of ChoreographyTransitionRule in org.wsmo.service.choreography.rule
 interface ChoreographyChoose
          choose with do endChoose.
 interface ChoreographyForAll
          forall with do endForall.
 interface ChoreographyIfThen
          "if Condition then Rules" is the simplest form of transition Rule.
 interface ChoreographyQuantifiedRule
          A quantified rule is a sub-class of Transition Rule such did it defines quantified variables.

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