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Packages that use Process

Uses of Process in org.sbpm.bpmo

Subinterfaces of Process in org.sbpm.bpmo
 interface MediationProcess
 interface SubProcess

Methods in org.sbpm.bpmo that return Process
 Process Workflow.getHomeProcess()
 Process WorkflowElement.getHomeProcess()
 Process ProcessMediator.getSource()

Methods in org.sbpm.bpmo that return types with arguments of type Process
 Set<Process> ProcessMediator.listTargets()

Methods in org.sbpm.bpmo with parameters of type Process
 void ProcessMediator.addTarget(Process target)
 void Workflow.setHomeProcess(Process process)
 void WorkflowElement.setHomeProcess(Process owner)
 void ProcessMediator.setSource(Process source)

Uses of Process in org.sbpm.bpmo.factory

Methods in org.sbpm.bpmo.factory that return Process
 Process BpmoFactory.createProcess()
 Process BpmoFactory.createProcess(org.wsmo.common.IRI identifier)

Uses of Process in

Methods in that return Process
 Process[] BpmoParser.parse(org.omwg.ontology.Ontology instOnto)
 Process[] BpmoParser.parse(Reader src)
 Process[] BpmoParser.parse(StringBuffer src)

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