Interface DataValue

All Superinterfaces:
Term, Value
All Known Subinterfaces:
ComplexDataValue, SimpleDataValue

public interface DataValue
extends Value, Term

Data Value reoresents wsml data values (correspond to xml data values). The following is a table of the java binding for wsml data values:

 _string         _string("any-character*")                           java.lang.String    
 _decimal        _decimal("'-'?numeric+.numeric+")                   java.math.BigDecimal    
 _integer        _integer("'-'?numeric+")                            java.math.BigInteger    
 _float          _float("see XML Schema document")                   java.lang.Float 
 _double         _double("see XML Schema document")                  java.lang.Double    
 _iri            _iri("iri-according-to-rfc3987")                    java.lang.String    
 _sqname         _sqname("iri-rfc3987", "localname")                 java.lang.String[]  
 _boolean        _boolean("true-or-false")                           java.lang.Boolean   
 _duration       _duration(year, month, day, hour, minute, second)   java.lang.String    
 _dateTime       _dateTime(year, month, day, hour, minute, second, timezone-hour, timezone-minute)
                 _dateTime(year, month, day, hour, minute, second)   java.util.Calendar  
 _time           _time(hour, minute, second, timezone-hour, timezone-minute) 
                 _time(hour, minute, second)                         java.util.Calendar  
 _date           _date(year, month, day, timezone-hour, timezone-minute) 
                 _date(year, month, day)                             java.util.Calendar
 _gyearmonth     _gyearmonth(year, month)                            java.lang.Integer[] 
 _gyear          _gyear(year)    java.lang.Integer   
 _gmonthday      _gmonthday(month, day)                              java.lang.Integer[] 
 _gday           _gday(day)                                          java.lang.Integer   
 _gmonth         _gmonth(month)                                      java.lang.Integer   
 _hexbinary      _hexbinary(hexadecimal-encoding)                    java.lang.String    
 _base64binary   _base64binary(hexadecimal-encoding)                 java.lang.String    

Note that for the Calendar types you one can for the mapping only rely on the fields given by the corresponding wsml value, e.g. if you ask the Calendar object for Calendar.hour that you got from a _wsml#date value, the API provides no gurantue on the return value.

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See Also:
ComplexDataValue, SimpleDataValue

Method Summary
 WsmlDataType getType()
 java.lang.Object getValue()
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WsmlDataType getType()


java.lang.Object getValue()