Uses of Interface

Uses of Catch in org.sbpm.sbpel

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel that return Catch
 Catch SBPELFactory.createCatch()

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel that return types with arguments of type Catch
 Set<Catch> Scope.listCatchs()
 Set<Catch> Process.listCatchs()
 Set<Catch> Invoke.listCatchs()

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel with parameters of type Catch
 boolean Scope.addCatch(Catch value)
 boolean Process.addCatch(Catch value)
 boolean Invoke.addCatch(Catch value)
 boolean Scope.removeCatch(Catch value)
 boolean Process.removeCatch(Catch value)
 boolean Invoke.removeCatch(Catch value)

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