Uses of Interface

Uses of OnAlarm in org.sbpm.sbpel

Subinterfaces of OnAlarm in org.sbpm.sbpel
 interface RepeatableOnAlarm

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel that return OnAlarm
 OnAlarm SBPELFactory.createOnAlarm()

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel that return types with arguments of type OnAlarm
 Set<OnAlarm> SemanticPick.listOnAlarms()
 Set<OnAlarm> Pick.listOnAlarms()

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel with parameters of type OnAlarm
 boolean SemanticPick.addOnAlarm(OnAlarm value)
 boolean Pick.addOnAlarm(OnAlarm value)
 boolean SemanticPick.removeOnAlarm(OnAlarm value)
 boolean Pick.removeOnAlarm(OnAlarm value)

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