Uses of Interface

Uses of StandardAttributes in org.sbpm.sbpel

Subinterfaces of StandardAttributes in org.sbpm.sbpel
 interface Assign
 interface Compensate
 interface CompensateScope
 interface Empty
 interface Exit
 interface Flow
 interface ForEach
 interface If
 interface Invoke
 interface NewActivityType
 interface Pick
 interface Receive
 interface RepeatUntil
 interface Reply
 interface Rethrow
 interface Scope
 interface SemanticInvoke
 interface SemanticPick
 interface SemanticReceive
 interface SemanticReply
 interface SemanticScope
 interface Sequence
 interface Throw
 interface Wait
 interface While

Methods in org.sbpm.sbpel that return StandardAttributes
 StandardAttributes SBPELFactory.createStandardAttributes()

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