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Packages that use AttributeValueMolecule

Uses of AttributeValueMolecule in org.omwg.logicalexpression

Methods in org.omwg.logicalexpression that return types with arguments of type AttributeValueMolecule
 List<AttributeValueMolecule> CompoundMolecule.listAttributeValueMolecules()
          retrieving all molecules of the type "a[b hasValue c]"
 List<AttributeValueMolecule> CompoundMolecule.listAttributeValueMolecules(Term t)
          retrieving all molecules of the type "a[b hasValue c]", where Term t equals the attribute name of the molecule

Methods in org.omwg.logicalexpression with parameters of type AttributeValueMolecule
 void Visitor.visitAttributeValueMolecule(AttributeValueMolecule expr)

Uses of AttributeValueMolecule in org.wsmo.factory

Methods in org.wsmo.factory that return AttributeValueMolecule
 AttributeValueMolecule LogicalExpressionFactory.createAttributeValue(Term instanceID, Term attributeID, Term attributeValue)
          Creates a simple molecule of the form: john[age hasValue 2]

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