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Packages that use Molecule

Uses of Molecule in org.omwg.logicalexpression

Subinterfaces of Molecule in org.omwg.logicalexpression
 interface AttributeConstraintMolecule
          Represents a constraining attribute molecule (e.g.
 interface AttributeInferenceMolecule
          Represents a inferring attribute molecule (e.g.
 interface AttributeMolecule
          Represents the super class of all molecules containing attributes: (a[b hasValue c] or a[b ofType c] or a[b impliesType c])
 interface AttributeValueMolecule
          Represents a value attribute molecule (e.g.
 interface MembershipMolecule
          Represents a molecule of the form "a memberOf b"
 interface SubConceptMolecule
          Represents a Molecule of the Form "a subConceptOf b"

Uses of Molecule in org.wsmo.factory

Method parameters in org.wsmo.factory with type arguments of type Molecule
 CompoundMolecule LogicalExpressionFactory.createCompoundMolecule(List<Molecule> molecules)
          creates an compund molecule (e.g.

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