Uses of Interface

Packages that use SubConceptMolecule

Uses of SubConceptMolecule in org.omwg.logicalexpression

Methods in org.omwg.logicalexpression that return types with arguments of type SubConceptMolecule
 List<SubConceptMolecule> CompoundMolecule.listSubConceptMolecules()
          retrieving all molecules of the type "a subConcept b"

Methods in org.omwg.logicalexpression with parameters of type SubConceptMolecule
 void Visitor.visitSubConceptMolecule(SubConceptMolecule expr)

Uses of SubConceptMolecule in org.wsmo.factory

Methods in org.wsmo.factory that return SubConceptMolecule
 SubConceptMolecule LogicalExpressionFactory.createSubConceptMolecule(Term idConcept, Term idSuperConcept)
          Creates a simple molecule of the form: a subConceptOf b

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