Package org.omwg.ontology

Interface Summary
Attribute Defines WSMO attribute.
Axiom This interface represents a WSMO axiom.
ComplexDataValue Interface or class description
Concept This interface represents a WSMO concept.
DataValue Data Value reoresents wsml data values (correspond to xml data values).
Instance This class represents an instance of a WSMO concept.
Ontology This interface represents a WSMO ontology.
OntologyElement this is a helper super-interface for ontology elements: - axioms - concepts - instances - relations - relation instances
Parameter Defines WSMO parameter of a relation.
Relation Defines the requirements for an object that represents a WSMO relation.
RelationInstance Defines a WSMO relation instance
SimpleDataValue Interface or class description
Type represents an abstract type.
Value represents an abstract value.
Variable represents a variable (for a logical expression)

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