Uses of Interface

Packages that use Namespace

Uses of Namespace in org.wsmo.common

Methods in org.wsmo.common that return Namespace
 Namespace TopEntity.findNamespace(String prefix)
          finds a namespace by its prefix
 Namespace TopEntity.getDefaultNamespace()
          retrieve the default namespace

Methods in org.wsmo.common that return types with arguments of type Namespace
 Set<Namespace> TopEntity.listNamespaces()
          retrieves all avalible namespaces (prefix/iri pairs).

Methods in org.wsmo.common with parameters of type Namespace
 void TopEntity.addNamespace(Namespace ns)
          add a namespace in the contaioner
 void TopEntity.removeNamespace(Namespace ns)
          remove namespace from the top entity
 void TopEntity.setDefaultNamespace(Namespace ns)
          sets a default namespace for the container

Uses of Namespace in org.wsmo.factory

Methods in org.wsmo.factory that return Namespace
 Namespace WsmoFactory.createNamespace(String prefix, IRI iri)
          Creates a new Namespace object.

Methods in org.wsmo.factory with parameters of type Namespace
 IRI WsmoFactory.createIRI(Namespace ns, String localPart)
          Creates a new IRI object (for example 'ns:x').

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