Uses of Interface

Packages that use Interface

Uses of Interface in org.wsmo.factory

Methods in org.wsmo.factory that return Interface
 Interface WsmoFactory.createInterface(IRI id)
          Creates a new Interface object.
 Interface WsmoFactory.getInterface(IRI id)
          Return an existing Interface instance

Uses of Interface in org.wsmo.service

Methods in org.wsmo.service that return types with arguments of type Interface
 Set<Interface> ServiceDescription.listInterfaces()
          Lists the interfaces of this WebService/Goal.

Methods in org.wsmo.service with parameters of type Interface
 void ServiceDescription.addInterface(Interface iface)
          Adds a new interface to the list of interfaces of this WebService/Goal.
 void ServiceDescription.removeInterface(Interface iface)
          Removes the specified interface from the list of iterfaces of this WebService/Goal.

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