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Packages that use EntityImpl

Uses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.common

Subclasses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.common
 class TopEntityImpl
          Title: WSMO4J

Uses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.mediator

Subclasses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.mediator
 class GGMediatorImpl
 class MediatorImpl
 class OOMediatorImpl
 class WGMediatorImpl
 class WWMediatorImpl

Uses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.ontology

Subclasses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.ontology
 class AttributeImpl
 class AxiomImpl
 class ConceptImpl
 class InstanceImpl
 class OntologyElementImpl
          Title: WSMO4J
 class OntologyImpl
 class RelationImpl
 class RelationInstanceImpl

Uses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.service

Subclasses of EntityImpl in com.ontotext.wsmo4j.service
 class CapabilityImpl
 class ChoreographyImpl
          This implementation represents the choreography of a web service.
 class GoalImpl
          This interface represents a WSMO Goal.
 class InterfaceImpl
          This java interface represents a WSMO web service interface.
 class OrchestrationImpl
          This interface represents the orchestration of a web service.
 class ServiceDescriptionImpl
          An implementation of ServiceDescroption interface representing a service description (e.g.
 class WebServiceImpl
          This interface represents a WSMO Goal.

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