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Uses of LogicalExpressionImpl in org.deri.wsmo4j.logicalexpression

Subclasses of LogicalExpressionImpl in org.deri.wsmo4j.logicalexpression
 class AtomImpl
          This class is an atom expression with a n-ary domain, where n is the arity of the predicate represented
 class AttributeConstraintMoleculeImpl
          implements AttributeContraintMolecule
 class AttributeInferenceMoleculeImpl
 class AttributeMoleculeImpl
 class AttributeValueMoleculeImpl
 class BinaryImpl
          This class reunites all binary logical expressions (e.g LogExpr1 op LogExpr2)
 class BuiltInAtomImpl
           Created on Sep 7, 2005 Committed by $Author$ $Source$,
 class ConjunctionImpl
 class ConstraintImpl
 class DisjunctionImpl
 class EquationImpl
 class ExistentialQuantificationImpl
 class ImplicationImpl
 class InverseImplicationImpl
 class LogicProgrammingRuleImpl
 class MemberShipMoleculeImpl
          Represents a membership molecule
 class MoleculeImpl
          This class reunites all molecular simple logical expressions
 class NegationAsFailureImpl
 class NegationImpl
 class QuantifiedImpl
          This abstract class reunites all quantified logical expressions (e.g qfier {Term} LogExpr)
 class SubConceptMoleculeImpl
          Represents a sub concept of molecule
 class UnaryImpl
          This class reunites all unary logical expressions (e.g op LogExpr)
 class UniversalQuantificationImpl

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