Package org.deri.wsmo4j.validator

Class Summary
AnonIdCollectHelper The AnonIdCollectHelper collects the anonym concepts, instances and relation, and checks if they are used correctly.
FileValidator A file validator that validates a given WSML document given in the form of a file handle and prints complaints from the parser and the validator out to the console.
FunctionSymbolHelper The FunctionSymbolHelper checks Atoms and Molecules for unallowed function symbols.
IDCollectHelper The IDCollectHelper collects the concepts, instances and relations from axiom definitions into specified Sets.
ValidationErrorImpl Gives Structure to a validation error.
ValidationMessageImpl Gives Structure to a validation message.
ValidationWarningImpl Validation Warning
WsmlCoreExpressionValidator Checks logical expressions for wsml-core validity.
WsmlCoreValidator Checks an ontology for wsml-core validity.
WsmlDLExpressionValidator Checks logical expressions for wsml-dl validity.
WsmlDLValidator Checks an ontology for wsml-dl validity.
WsmlFlightExpressionValidator Checks logical expressions for wsml-flight validity.
WsmlFlightValidator Checks an ontology for wsml-flight validity.
WsmlFullExpressionValidator Checks logical expressions for wsml-full validity.
WsmlFullValidator Checks an ontology for wsml-full validity.
WsmlRuleExpressionValidator Checks logical expressions for wsml-rule validity.
WsmlRuleValidator Checks an ontology for wsml-rule validity.
WsmlValidatorImpl Interface or class description

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