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Tag Total number of occurrences
@todo 9

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 9

com.ontotext.wsmo4j.factory.IDReference Line
some runtime checks to ensure that there is no impl already created 148
some threadsafty should be added to avoid multiple refs with single id to be created across the active treads 149
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.factory.WsmoFactoryImpl Line
fix the exception that should be thrown 251
- add more checks, e.g. whether an entity with such ID already exists? 353
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.owl.WSMLFromOWL Line
better error handling: bad value as cardinality passed 478
better error handling: bad value as cardinality passed 482
better error handling: bad value as cardinality passed 497
better error handling: bad value as cardinality passed 511
rise proper exception 875


Number of occurrences found in the code: 6

org.deri.wsmo4j.factory.DataFactoryImpl Line
this is ignoring the duartion value space and equivalence relation! 414
we're just doing sanity checking and correction here, somewhere in the calltrace an additional space is inserted after the sign of the decimal number, even if the originally parsed expression didn't have a space 638
org.deri.wsmo4j.io.parser.xml.XMLExprParser Line
org.deri.wsmo4j.logicalexpression.ConstantTransformer Line
--No comment-- 116
org.deri.wsmo4j.validator.FileValidator Line
stronger sanity checks and sanitation 137
test.wsmo4j.logicalexpression.EqualityTest Line
! anon refs in more then one object 72


Number of occurrences found in the code: 18

com.ontotext.wsmo4j.examples.CreateOntologyExample Line
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.ontology.ComplexDataValueImpl Line
equality will return wrong results with respect to spec http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-2/#duration 138
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.owl.OWLParser Line
Auto-generated method stub 93
Auto-generated method stub 100
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.owl.WSMLFromOWL Line
handle exception 122
handle exception 1099
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.wsml.IdentifierAnalysis Line
Check why there special Sqname {localkeyword} case in wsml grammar?? 142
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.xml.NodeInterface Line
Handle choreography and orchestration 63
Handle choreography and orchestration 78
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.xml.NodeLogExp Line
better integration? 64
com.ontotext.wsmo4j.parser.xml.NodeWsml Line
Process wsmlVariant information 53
org.deri.wsmo4j.io.parser.wsml.AtomicExpressionAnalysis Line
more clever analysis (e.g. for variable) 360
org.deri.wsmo4j.io.parser.wsml.LogExprParserImpl Line
This method looks like a good point of attack for optimization. It's eats up a lot more time for it's own computations (1709) than for it's callouts to subroutines (737) in the org.wsmo.wsml.compiler.* packages. 123
org.deri.wsmo4j.io.serializer.rdf.NodeLogExp Line
Auto-generated catch block 70
org.deri.wsmo4j.logicalexpression.CompoundMoleculeImpl Line
Auto-generated constructor stub 109
org.deri.wsmo4j.validator.FileValidator Line
make this class self-checking, to verify the outgoing lines against the regular expression 52
test.wsmo4j.parser.wsml.WSMLParseTest Line
should be documented in API that it is * = MAX_VALUE (and max(XSD#INTEGER) != Integer.MAX_VALUE) 352
clarify why it throw SynchronizationException respectively why proxy objects only allow getIdentifier 482