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Uses of LogicalExpressionTestCase in test.wsmo4j.logicalexpression

Subclasses of LogicalExpressionTestCase in test.wsmo4j.logicalexpression
 class BinaryImplTest
          Checks different methods of binary logical expressions
 class EqualityTest
          Checks Equality Method of terms and different logical expressions
 class LogicalExpressionFactoryTest
          Interface or class description
 class QuantifiedImplTest
          Checks different methods of quantified logical expressions
 class UnaryImplTest
          Checks different methods of unary logical expressions

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Subclasses of LogicalExpressionTestCase in
 class ParsingTest
          Testing the implementation of parse(String) that converts the string representation of a logical expression to a ObjectModel
 class SerializingTest
          Testing serializer for correct presedence order and namespace handling

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