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Packages that use Visitor

Uses of Visitor in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.rule

Methods in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.rule with parameters of type Visitor
 void ChooseRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void PipedRulesRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void IfThenRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void ForAllRI.accept(Visitor visitor)

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Classes in that implement Visitor
 class VisitorSerializeWSMLTransitionRules
          Visitor Implementation Class for the Choreography Rules TODO: - FactMolecule - Update Rules

Uses of Visitor in org.deri.wsmo4j.orchestration.rule

Methods in org.deri.wsmo4j.orchestration.rule with parameters of type Visitor
 void OrchestrationAchieveGoalRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void OrchestrationApplyMediationRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void ReceiveRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void ChooseRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void OrchestrationInvokeServiceRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void PipedRulesRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void IfThenRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void SendRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void ForAllRI.accept(Visitor visitor)

Uses of Visitor in org.deri.wsmo4j.rule

Methods in org.deri.wsmo4j.rule with parameters of type Visitor
 void AddRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void UpdateRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
 void DeleteRI.accept(Visitor visitor)
abstract  void PerformRI.accept(Visitor visitor)

Uses of Visitor in org.wsmo.service.rule

Methods in org.wsmo.service.rule with parameters of type Visitor
 void Rule.accept(Visitor visitor)
          Acceptor method for the Visitor.

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