Package org.wsmo.service.rule

Interface Summary
Add add(newFact).
ChoreographyRule Upper Rule Interface for Choreography.
CompoundFact A Compound Fact is the object used for add(), delete() and update() rules.
Condition Condition is a sub-class of LogicalExpression and defines the condition under which a rule should be fired or not
Delete delete(oldFact).
MoleculeFact Defines elements needed for normal updates on molecules.
RelationFact TODO: Improve the javadoc description Extends CompoundFact and Relation Instance since only updates on relation instances are allowed.
Rule Upper Rule Interface for Orchestration.
Update An update may have two forms: - update(oldFact => newFact).
UpdateRule An UpdateRule is an unconditional rule that specificies a certain kind of state update.
Visitor Visitor for Choreography Rules.

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