Package org.wsmo.service.signature

Interface Summary
Controlled Controlled is a subclass of a generic mode.
GroundedMode Extends Mode and defines the method getGrounding to be implemented by the grounded modes
Grounding Upper Class for grounding.
In In is a subclass of Grounded Mode.
Mode A Mode entry container.
Out Out is a subclass of GroundedMode.
Shared Shared is a subclass of Grounded Mode.
StateSignature StateSignature defines the containers for the modes and also implements methods to allow the modification of imported ontologies which define the state of the machine.
Static Static is a subclass of a generic mode.
WSDLGrounding WSDL Grounding is a subclass of Grounding and defines methods for getting information about the wsdl grounding for a concept.

Exception Summary
NotGroundedException Exception to be thrown if In, Out or Shared don't define any grounding information.

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