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Packages that use GroundedMode

Uses of GroundedMode in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.signature

Classes in org.deri.wsmo4j.choreography.signature that implement GroundedMode
 class GroundedModeRI
          Implements the common getGrounding method for the Grounded Modes
 class InRI
          Reference implementation for the In mode.
 class OutRI
          Reference implementation for the Out mode.
 class SharedRI
          Reference implementation for the Shared Mode.

Uses of GroundedMode in org.wsmo.service.signature

Subinterfaces of GroundedMode in org.wsmo.service.signature
 interface In
          In is a subclass of Grounded Mode.
 interface Out
          Out is a subclass of GroundedMode.
 interface Shared
          Shared is a subclass of Grounded Mode.

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