Uses of Interface

Packages that use Attribute

Uses of Attribute in org.omwg.ontology

Methods in org.omwg.ontology that return Attribute
 Attribute Concept.createAttribute(Identifier id)
          Create an Attribute for a Concept

Methods in org.omwg.ontology that return types with arguments of type Attribute
 Set<Attribute> Instance.findAttributeDefinitions(Identifier id)
          Search this concept and all super concepts for a specified attribute.
 Set<Attribute> Concept.findAttributes(Identifier id)
          Searches for all attributes with the specified ID.
 Set<Attribute> Concept.listAttributes()
          Returns a list of this concept's attributes.

Methods in org.omwg.ontology with parameters of type Attribute
 void Concept.removeAttribute(Attribute attr)
          Removes an attribute from this concept's list of attributes.

Uses of Attribute in org.wsmo.validator

Methods in org.wsmo.validator that return Attribute
 Attribute AttributeError.getAttribute()
          Returns the attribute in which the violation occured.

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