Uses of Interface

Packages that use Ontology

Uses of Ontology in org.omwg.ontology

Methods in org.omwg.ontology that return Ontology
 Ontology OntologyElement.getOntology()
          Retrieve the ontology containing this entity.

Methods in org.omwg.ontology with parameters of type Ontology
 void OntologyElement.setOntology(Ontology ontology)
          Sets the ontology containing this entity Note that a call to setOntology() i.e.

Uses of Ontology in org.wsmo.common

Methods in org.wsmo.common that return types with arguments of type Ontology
 Set<Ontology> TopEntity.listOntologies()
          Returns a list of ontologies which this element imports.

Methods in org.wsmo.common with parameters of type Ontology
 void TopEntity.addOntology(Ontology ontology)
          Adds an ontology to this element's imported ontologies list
 void TopEntity.removeOntology(Ontology ontology)
          Removes an ontology from the list of ontolgies which this element imports.

Uses of Ontology in org.wsmo.datastore

Methods in org.wsmo.datastore that return Ontology
 Ontology WsmoRepository.getOntology(IRI id)

Methods in org.wsmo.datastore with parameters of type Ontology
 void WsmoRepository.addOntology(Ontology ont)
 void WsmoRepository.saveOntology(Ontology ont)

Uses of Ontology in org.wsmo.factory

Methods in org.wsmo.factory that return Ontology
 Ontology WsmoFactory.createOntology(IRI id)
          Creates a new Ontology object.
 Ontology WsmoFactory.getOntology(IRI id)
          Return exisitng Ontology instance

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